The possibilities are endless.... 


Come on, fess up

You know your training is wasteful, tedious and ineffective. If your organization is willing to tell the truth, we can help!

We will use the tools to teach the tools to current in-house trainers and coach the subject matter experts to complete brain-friendly training designs.



Facilitated Learning Events- workshops

Ready-made live events:
          Leading Change Master Class
          Introduction to Insight Design

*can also be brought in-house



Content Re-visioning

Sit back and let us do the hard work! 

With complete content re-visioning, Brainformative uses your your current class content OR guidance from a subject matter expert to create a new flow using the principles of brain-friendly learning.



"After introducing us to groundbreaking education design, John guided our team through a remake of our most critical course and the results have been remarkable. John's advice has been invaluable and we continue to weave his perspectives into all our designs."

Rod Goelz Change Enable

R Goelz square
"The facilitator was one of the best I have experienced. He led well, engaged participants, and recognized obstacles to learning. I really appreciated that it was so engaging. There was a perfect balance of lecturing, dialogue, personal activities and group work. For being a two-day class I felt engaged the entire time."

Live event participant Midwest Healthcare Organization