Dr. John Medina

Cognitive Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary collaborative field that integrates knowledge from chemistry, engineering, linguistics, mathematics, neurology, psychology, et al. There have been many exciting discoveries in this field over the last 50 years. And our Hero John Medina is one among many from which we can learn.

Dr. Medina is a developmental molecular biologist with special research interests in the isolation and characterization of genes involved in human brain development. 

 We are huge fans of Dr. Medina. His work, Brain Rules,  is a must read for anyone serious about education and training. Designing and presenting curriculum in a way that the brain naturally absorbs information is key to greater retention and improved performance.

The videos below are a great introduction to the implications of cognitive neuroscience on learning and a great way to get a glimpse at the methods behind our insight design.

Welcome to Brain Rules – John Medina

Exercise – Brain Rule #1

Survival- Brain Rule #2

Wiring- Brain Rule #3

Attention- Brain Rule #4

Short and Long Term Memory- Brain Rule #5-6

Sleep- Brain Rule #7

Stress- Brain Rule #8

Sensory Integration- Brain Rule #9

Vision- Brain Rule #10

Male and Female Brain- Brain Rule #11

Exploration- Brain Rule #12