What did you appreciate/like most about this class?

I liked how it involved different formats, not just lecture. The group activities were engaging and very informative.”

“I appreciated learning so much about the Leading Change topic as it is something I am involved in on an almost daily basis.”

“Lots of activities, not just listening to someone talk all day.”

“Interactive learning style. ”

“Very valuable information presented in an environment/method conducive to learning.”

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What are your key take aways from this class?

“Change resistance is a natural human response, but change it is possible. We received the tools to support the transition.”

“One of my key takeaways is that our limbic systems falls back on deeply ingrained habits when we are asked to change, so in order to change, we have to override that system. I found this to be useful for both my professional and personal understanding. Another key takeaway is that change takes time, and the feelings that come with change are completely normal.”

“The physiology on how our brains deal with change and how important it is to use frame of reference when delivering change messages.”

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As a Change Leader, what will you do different?

“Use Frame of Reference understanding to work with others differently. Spend time preparing for plans for change, with others who have also been given this information. I will not feel defeated when we hit roadblocks during the transition phase of change.”

“Be sure I am educating effectively to achieve the buy in, monitor my own frame of reference as well as that of my employees, recognize frame of reference could change any given day based on what is happening in my clinicians life.”

“Introduce change with a pain message and a paradise message, talk with staff about how to get there – identify the habits that will need to be changed.”

“I am personally going to work on building my own neuroplasticity.”

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Leading Change Master Class 


This 2-day event offers guidance for anyone who participates in or leads others through change initiatives. This is not your typical lecture seminar. Content is designed with consideration for what we now know about how the brain learns. This increases retention of content by 40% even after 3 months. You will walk away with these skills to use for a lifetime.

  • Come with a specific major change event in mind.
  • Leave with concrete tools & a plan of success laid out for your change event.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes you can stand/move in easily.
  • Doors will open at 9am and content will start immediately.


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Introduction to Insight Design



No matter how well you teach, there is no learning until there is insight!   No matter how much you talk, no matter how dynamic you are, nothing has happened until learners have an Ah Ha! moment.  


And here is the exciting part: Ah Ha! moments can be created, they can be designed because the brain is trying to do specific things when it learns new information. If you understand the neurological mechanics of learning it is possible to master Insight Design.


And what better way to learn about Insight Design than to participate in a Brainformative Facilitated Learning Event.

If your livelihood depends on training then you owe it to yourself to learn what cognitive neuroscience and  cognitive psychology has learned about how the brain learns, retains and applies new information. 

  • Experience for yourself how brain-science principles put into action produce amazing Ah Ha! Moments
  •  Witness an innovative approach to traditional classroom teaching
  • Take away methods that will ensure greater learning effectiveness. 


* 6 participants is the class minimum. Refunds will be provided if the minimum is not met.


Who is a great candidate for this introduction?

  • Chief Learning Officers who are looking for a (much) better way to train their organization.

  • Educators and Trainers who know they need to land their message into their audience brain to produce real world performance outcomes.

  • Organizational leaders who know there has to be a better way to train than an exhausting deluge of PowerPoint slides followed by an electronic learning “attestation.”

 Come to class with content in mind to begin applying the principles and tools to your presentation/class.    

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes you can stand/ move in.

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